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Ezwim Launches Ezwim rTEM+

Ezwim, global player in TEM technology, has launched Ezwim rTEM+, which prevents "Bill Shock", by giving real-time insight in mobile telecom usage.

State of the Industry Report Highlights Telecom Expense Management

Information services company AOTMP released the abstract of its report, 2014 State of the Telecom Management Industry, which highlights key topics that enterprises may find helpful in terms of the telecom market overall.

AirWatch Video Debuts to Secure and Manage Enterprise Video, Contain Costs

Many IT pros face obstacles in distribution, access control, data loss prevention and telecom expense management, as agencies begin to use video for internal communications.

How Do You Drive Telecom Expense Management?

One of the primary goals for telecom expense management is to enable a clear understanding of employee spending trends, potential cost savings and even opportunities to optimize budgets.

Are You in Control of Your Telecom Spend?

Can you name the top five errors found in your telecom bills over the last six months? If you're not aware of any errors or haven't made the time to try and find them, you're in a similar situation to companies throughout the global market: you don't have a telecom expense management solution or plan in place. As a result, you may be paying for service you don't use or missing errors that are costing your organization money.

How Do You Drive Telecom Expense Management?

When was the last time you reviewed your telecom expenses and compared them against your actual usage? A number of organizations skip this step, trusting that their contracts are in order and simplifying the process by just paying the bills. In doing so, however, they could be missing out on the opportunity to correct errors and avoid overpayments. The savings from these two areas alone are reason to consider telecom expense management.

SAP to Acquire Concur, Expense Management Software Provider

The large software maker from Germany, SAP, plans to acquire Concur Technologies, an expense management software maker.

Telecom Expense Management is More Than Controlling Costs

One way to keep costs down is to implement a telecom expense management solution, which can help curtail communications costs without compromising on quality.

Serko Offers AirPlus Expense Information with 'InCharge'

Examining contracts to make sure that they contain favorable terms is also similar to poring over travel expense reports to make sure money is being spent effectively.

Automated Expense Report Software is Revolutionizing Financial Industry

Manual expense reports are now a thing of the past as the new automated versions save companies more time and money.

Telesoft Launches Fully Revamped Software and Services Offering

Telesoft recently unveiled a new fully revamped software and services platform called Telesoft Connect. The new platform takes care of legacy call accounting and expense management.

Telecom Expense Management: Save Money by Spending Money

Telecom spending for voice, data and information services merits discussion by the sheer fact that it's one of the top line-item expenses for most organizations.

Cloud-based MDM Highlights Importance of Telecom Expense Management

Telus' partnership with Vox earlier this year produced a nice mobile device management (MDM) solution that, for small and mid-sized businesses, can help keep things in check.

Guide: Telecom Expense Management Can Help Optimize BYOD

Without paying close attention, the costs associated with your telecommunications can get out of hand. For this reason, telecom expense management is picking up steam when it comes to popular applications.

Telecom Expense Management Partners Help Minimize Expenditures

The larger telecom real estate grows, the harder it becomes to manage effectively. High volumes of data with no obvious connection to one another is one of the largest challenges that telecom organizations face today.

Do You Need Telecom Expense Management with BYOD?

An appellate court in California has ruled that businesses have to pay a "reasonable percentage" of the phone bill if employees are required to use their own phones for work.

Report: Visibility a Major Pain Point in Expense Reporting

A new survey shows that a significant percentage of engineering professionals are dissatisfied with the visibility of their expense reporting methods.

One Company Delivers Telecom Expense Savings Beyond The Norm

Communications are rapidly growing beyond the point of simply connecting one user with another. Communications build the foundation of a variety of new business points.

Avotus Enhances Its ICM Platform for Voice Management

Avotus is helping companies to transform their telecom spending. Avotus' ICM UM version 8.31 offers key mobility, security and reporting enhancements that deliver visibility into an enterprise's telecom assets and expense.

Etelesolv Solutions Helps Save Hundreds of Thousands in Telecom Expenses

Montreal-based Etelesolv is a company which is helping organizations to save hundreds of thousands in Telecom Expenses using its innovative software solutions.

High-Level Employees Linked to Large Amount of Expense Fraud Cases

A new survey has found that employees in "executive/upper management" departments are responsible for committing 27 percent of expense reimbursement fraud cases.

Ezwim Debuts New Global Invoice Processing Product

Businesses generally use Invoice Process and Expense Management services to gain and maintain control over its spend, identify missing and unrecognized bills at the Call Detail Record level, and prompt action where it's needed.

Calling for Savings? Cut Your Telecom Expenses

While this may seem an unlikely avenue to minimize spending, the reality is companies are often overspending on their telecom costs.

New Release Helps Monitor Mobile Telecom Spend

Wireless Analytics, which develops enterprise mobility management solutions, has just announced that it is releasing version 4 of its Communications Lifecycle Expense Analytics (CLEAN) platform this fall.

New Report Highlights Enterprise Mobility Management, Including Expense Management

A new report by Kable on total technology enterprise mobility management (EMM) is now available, highlighting major trends in the field of enterprise mobile technology, including mobile telecom expense management.

Expense Management Efforts Get a Helping Hand

Deem, a company focused on delivering Commerce-as-a-Service, has announced new features that will be included in in its Deem@Work offering.

TEMIA Thought Leaders to Discuss BYOD, MDM and Mobile Security

Businesses have realized that they will have to put in place a concise plan to ensure security in the BYOD age.

BYOD: Getting Easier One Patent at a Time

The U.S. Patent Office has granted Cass Information Services a patent "for technology that provides enterprises with a better alternative for reimbursing employees for use of their personal mobile devices."

V1 Unveils New Purchasing and Expense-Management Solutions

Business automation solutions provider V1 is expanding its purchase-to-pay (P2P) product suite with the launch of its Web- and mobile-based software solutions.

Telesoft Evolves with Renewed SSAE 16 Certification

Many companies consider SSAE 16 and SOC 2 audits as an annual investment with a proven ROI, increasing a service organization's prospective client base, organizational productivity, customer retention and accountability.

Automated Expense Management Solutions: The 'Order of the Day' says Apptricity

The many facets of travel and expense management can cause nightmares to organizations and headaches to employees, but it doesn't have to be that way.

iSYS Receives BPA from Department of Health and Human Services

iSYS LLC, a subsidiary of WidePoint, has received a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for telecommunications inventory and expense management solutions (TIEMS).

Comview Gets Recognized by Long Island Software and Technology Network

Comview Corporation recently announced that the Long Island Software and Technology Network (LISTnet) has recognized the company with its 2014 Long Island Software Award.

Why Telecom Expense Management has Become a Billion Dollar Industry

Managing telecom expenses is so important that vendors have the process down to a science and have developed software for it.

Comview is Now a Global Advanced Technology Partner of Unify

Comview Corporation, a provider of telecom expense management (TEM), wireless mobility management (WMM) and call accounting software and services, has become a global "Advanced Technology Partner" of Unify.

TEMIA: Unified Communications are the Need of the Hour

At a recent panel in which TEMIA and NetPlus participated, the session focused on what the transition from traditional phone service to unified communications would mean to enterprises.

MeadWestvaco Renews Partnership with Xerox for IT Management Services

MeadWestvaco (MWV), a global packaging solutions company serving the world's most premier consumer products brands, has renewed its partnership with Xerox for IT management services.

BYOD, Enterprise Mobility Revenues to Show Traction

BYOD is no longer frowned upon as companies say they are seeing positive returns in terms of time management, cost saving and a motivated work environment.

Law Firm Uncovers New Way to Automate Expense Claims

Nabarro LLP, a full-service commercial European law firm, recently selected Chrome River EXPENSE and INVOICE to go paperless and automate the firm's corporate expense claims and purchase ledger operations.

Comings & Goings: Industry Vet Kevin Simms Joins Comview as Director of Marketing

Comview Corporation, a premier provider of telecom expense management, wireless mobility management and call accounting software and services, recently appointed industry expert Kevin Simms as Director of Marketing.

DATABASICS Integrates New Database to Expense Reporting Service

DATABASICS, a supplier of expense management solutions, has integrated the MedProID 13M record healthcare provider (HCP) database into its expense reporting service.

New Global SaaS-based Expense Management Market Report Released

Organizations have begun to realize the need for centralizing expense-related management, and travel-related compliances have been the key reason for the growing expense management market.

Amtel Signs Agreement with Ingram Micro Mobility

Amtel recently announced that the company has signed a distribution agreement with Ingram Micro Mobility to expand its footprint in the U.K and Europe.

Four Best Practices for Telecom Expense Management Success

A properly executed TEM solution can achieve considerable cost savings and a host of operational benefits, a recent study found, but only if telecom expense management is used within a structured, disciplined framework.

Machine-to-Machine Telecom Expenses Should Be Tracked, Too

Telecom expense management (TEM) has become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes thanks to the increased complexity and proliferation of telecom services and devices that must be supported.

New In-Depth Report Highlights BYOD and Enterprise Mobility

As a major constituent of enterprise IT, BYOD will transform the way users and organizations deal with network security.

New Whitepaper on Telecom Expense Management Unveiled

There are several reports that have clearly shown that those with a telecom expense management program save 22 percent more than companies that do not have one.

Firms Cobble Together TEM Solutions to Meet Changing Needs, Study Finds

A new study finds most large enterprises now use telecom expense management software to control increasingly complex telecom spend, but many must jump around among providers or cobble together several solutions to make it work.

OVATION Wireless Management Joins Telecom Expense Management Industry Association

Charlotte, NC-based OVATION Wireless Management, a privately held company that provides global enterprise managed mobility solutions, has joined Telecom Expense Management Industry Association, TEMIA.

MetTel gets AOTMP Efficiency First Solution Certification

MetTel, a provider of unified communications and network solutions, recently announced that it has been recognized with an Authority on Telecom Management Practices Efficiency First Solution Certification.

Case Study: TEMIA Features Avotus eSourcing Service

The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association has published a case study on Avotus Corporation, a provider of Intelligent Communication Management (ICM) solutions.

What Do You Know About TEM?

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is the process of managing all the telecom-based activities within a company to reduce cost and improve productivity.

European Study Finds Waste on Connectivity Costs

A new look at how much European workers spend to get connected when traveling for business has raised questions as to whether the same issue is happening on our shores.

NetPlus Offers Government Organizations a New Twist in the TEM Tale

In an ever-evolving telecommunication landscape, the scope of telecom expense management has had to extend beyond the parameters of merely taming runaway costs and managing invoices.

How High Are Your Telecom Expenses? You'd be Surprised

In running a business, it helps to keep an eye on the bottom line at all times; expenses have a way of quickly getting out of hand. Yet one area that most companies vastly underestimate is mobile investments.

MDSL Launches New Telecom Expense Management and Business Impact Reporting Tools

MDSL, a provider of global Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Market Data Management solutions, has announced its appointment as major sponsor for an upcoming fixed-line and mobile conference in Florida.

CDC, FCC Awards Wireless Managed Services Contract

In these challenging business times, there's not much better than landing a government contract. The work is steady, the money is assured, and if you do a good job, you could be in line for even more work down the road.

What Were the Most Common Business Expenses in 2013?

Certify has released the results of its year-end review for 2013. This explores the business expense trends for Q4 2013.

Telecom Report Warns about Bigger Issue than BlackBerry

In a new report, the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) finds that enterprises now face a tough challenge as IT departments are forced to make migrations from one platform to another within a short span of time.

Finding a New Perspective on Telecom Expense Management

Telecom expense management (TEM) is an integral part of the business environment, and as the name suggests, brings within its orbit the tasks of monitoring and managing costs, network, infrastructure and more.

Finance Specialist Says VoIP Services Provide Strong Asset

Just as people are beginning to accept the cloud more readily than before, likewise VoIP also appears to be gaining ground with businesses.

Dimension Data Scores 'Excellent' In Gartner's TEM Report

Dimension Data, a $5.8 billion provider of ICT solutions, has announced that Gartner, Inc. has given it an "Excellent" rating in its report called Critical Capabilities for Telecom Expense Management.

Gartner's Critical Capabilities for Telecom Expense Management Report Names Tangoe as Top Scorer in Overall Use Case

The recently published Gartner's Critical Capabilities for Telecom Expense Management report is said to have ranked communications lifecycle management (CLM) software provider Tangoe with the highest score in overall use case.

Etelesolv Enters into Contract to Manage Telecom Expenses of Helios Group

Etelesolv, one of Canada's major players in telecom and IT management, has entered into a contract to manage the telecom expenses of Helios Group. As part of the pact, Etelesolv will provide Helios Group with control over all of the organization's wireless spending.

Research Finds BYOD and Enterprise Mobility Market Both Buoyant

With bring your own device (BYOD) policy catching on and the corporate sector seemingly encouraging the trend, it's no wonder that the total BYOD and enterprise mobility market is about to enter a new phase of rapid growth.

Accounting, Business Systems Lead Priority Projects for Outsourcing over Next Year

A recent survey developed by Robert Half Management Resources, a provider of senior-level finance, accounting and business systems professionals, reveals that Accounting and Business Systems top the list of projects companies plan to outsource to financial consultants in the next 12 months.

Accenture and ServiceSource Create Alliance to Improve Recurring Revenue for Technology Companies

It's easy to agree that "recurring revenue" is predictable, stable income for any company. Recurring revenue becomes more important because it allows you to spend more of your energy in growing your business rather than getting new business.

Cimpl: An Advanced Telecom and IT Expense Management Platform by Etelesolv

Managing telecom and IT expanses are daunting task for many companies. The technologies like SIP trunking, BYOD, cloud services, UC, mobile applications have made it more difficult task.

Nexonia Expenses' Integration with Helps Users Track Revenue and Costs

Nexonia has integrated its expense management solution, Nexonia Expenses, with The move is designed to help business owners and managers keep track of their prospects and client value.

LinkSource Teams With Tangoe

Recently, the company signed a partnership deal with Tangoe, a provider of Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) software and services for enterprise clients. The partnership will now allow LinkSource to offer enterprise clients telecommunications expense management (TEM) services through its TotalTEM solution.

LinkSource Technologies Partners with Tangoe

LinkSource Technologies, a technology solutions company offering managed services in voice and data, mobility, cloud, IT support and procurement, has partnered with Tangoe, a global provider of communications lifecycle management (CLM) software and services

Expense Tracking No Longer a Chore with Freightgate's Expense-Trek

Freightgate, the global provider of logistics cloud solutions, has introduced a new expense management tool to automate and streamline the whole process of tracking business expenses.

Global Travel and Expense Management Software Market To Grow at a CAGR of 6.16 by 2016

ResearchMoz, a provider of market research databases, has unveiled a new report that indicated the Global Travel and Expense Management Software market to grow at a CAGR of 6.16 percent over the period 2012-2016.

Features Take Center Stage as Mobile Business Expense Apps Gain Popularity

The ability to track, organize, and report expenses has gone from tedious to tap, snap and swipe, thanks to the advent of smartphones. But not all expense tracking apps are created equal.

Consumers, Business Users Stand to Benefit from T-Mobile Cutting Global Roaming Charges

T-Mobile recently announced how its customers will get unlimited international roaming and text messaging - starting at the end of this month.

T-Mobile Stops Charging for International Data Roaming

This month T-Mobile took a shot at its mobile carrier competition and hit the telecom expense management industry in the process. The mobile carrier recently announced that it is offering free international data roaming in more than 100 countries.

Telecom Expense Management for Complete Control

Running a business in an already tight economy is a challenge too many companies are facing. One facet of a budget that shouldn't be cut is telecom expenses, but given the mobile society we're in, it can be confusing.

Phantom Phones Killing Telecom Bills

Telecom expense management isn't about this technology or that service. It's about bringing real, measurable and sustainable benefits business communication costs. It's about pulling all of this together into a manageable whole. TEM takes into account call accounting, invoice validation, contract management and performance management, usually in one solution.

There's No Excuse for Unnecessary Telecom Expenses

The real value of telecom expense management comes from the transparency it brings. With the right software package, businesses get true visibility into their telecom use.

MDSL Supports TEM BPO/Managed Services Deployment at International Truck Manufacturer

MDSL provides Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Market Data Management solutions helping enterprises gain visibility of their telecom expenses, comprehensive business intelligence and automated business processes.

NetPlus Sees Increased Demand for Dashboards Product

NetPlus, a provider of telecom expense management products and solutions, helps clients tackle their telecom expenses. Invoice processing, inventory validation, dashboards, reporting, service provisioning are just a few of the features in NetPlus Telecom Expense Management solution. NetPlus Dashboards provides key telecom business intelligence to customers, and the company has seen an increase in demand for its Dashboard product at numerous customer sites in the past quarter.

Megatrends Point Toward Increasing Need for Telecom Expense Management

As a laptop user, I feel like a dinosaur. Whether at home or in a coffee shop, increasingly I'm surrounded by people using tablets and smartphones for their computing experience instead of a desktop or laptop. This feeling is more than just anecdotal, too; as a recent blog post by Caroline Lebrun highlights, the move to tablet and smartphone use over traditional computers is one of the magatrends these days.

Nationwide Telecom Strengthens Customer Service to Better Provide Wholesale Services to Global Clients

In order to offer continuous service access to global telecommunications wholesale carriers, Nationwide Telecom, a provider of internet telephony solutions, has ramped up its customer service measures. The company has pushed its customer service team to exceed international standards while providing wholesale services to clients, organizations, companies, and enterprises.

How to Save Big with Telecom Expense Management

Alsbridge, an international firm that helps clients evaluate benchmark and source transaction management for information technology and business processes, recently published a report, "A Better Way to Cut Costs with Telecom Expense Management", which explains how enterprises can tap into big savings through telecom expense management.

Etelesolv Unveils Real-time Mobile App

Real-time Mobile by Cimpl can manage a user's telecom expenses and IT assets from any device at any time through an endless number of customized alerts. The solution extends the possibilities of the software to a user's smartphone. The app collects GPS data from the device for location tracking on a map. It connects information but also manages related warning thresholds. The app is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones devices.

The Relationship between Telecom Expense Management and MDM

Access to a mobile device that can also access a corporate network is an important tool for the active employee out in the field. He or she needs access to many of the same things corporate-based employees need, but the level of access to these things can vary according to the employee. Many rely on mobile devices, which in turn demands mobile device management. How does the adoption of such a tool play into the demand for telecom expense management?

vCom Solutions Appoints New Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Industry veteran Carina Hayek recently joined telecom management company vCom Solutions Inc. as Vice President of Marketing and Communications. Hayek holds more than 10 years of marketing and management experience in technology and telecom organizations. In her new role, she will be responsible for implementing strategic marketing initiatives designed to drive growth for vCom Solutions.

Concur Perfect Trip Fund Invests in Visage Mobile

Concur, a provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions, recently invested in Visage Mobile, Inc., a SaaS enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, through the Concur Perfect Trip Fund to address the growing trend of mobility and bring your own device (BYOD).

Etelesolv Agrees to Help Nuna Logistics Expand Management of Wireless and IT Assets

Nuna Logistics is going to leverage the features of the Telemanager solution from Etelesolv, a Canadian solutions provider for telecom and IT management, in order to expand the management of wireless and IT assets.

Survey Highlights Travel Expense Savings with Cloud-Based Collaboration Services

Today's small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) have the same access to technology as some of the largest enterprises in the world. Cloud technology is making this possible by offering applications and services that would have been impossible for SMBs to afford not too long ago.

Expensify Expense Data Report to Integrate Directly into Xero's Accounting Platform

Xero, provider of online accounting software, and Expensify, a provider of an expense recording application, partnered to facilitate the integration of expense report data from Expensify directly into Xero's accounting platform.

Orange Selects KDS Neo Solution for Door-to-Door Travel and Expense Solutions Management

Orange, a global telecommunications operator, recently selected KDS, a provider of SaaS-based travel & expense solutions, for a five-year contract for its KDS Neo door-to-door travel and expense solution.

Despite Market Saturation, Mobile Growth is Still Strong

Given how long mobile has been around, and in spite of 100 percent market saturation, mobile subscriptions are actually doing rather well. Market saturation doesn't mean the entire world has a mobile subscription, although it certainly seems it with the proliferation of mobile device usage. One person can easily have more than one subscription. The overall picture, however, is that the market has reached a peak, but there's still room to grow.

Talygen Introduces Expense Tracking App on Windows Phone

Budgeting and expense tracking might not sound that interesting, but these are very important, especially when it comes to running a business. To improve your financial position and keep more cash in your wallet, Talygen, a provider of business management automation solutions, introduced the newest version of its advanced Windows Phone app to help companies and their employees manage expense tracking functions on their smartphone or tablet.

Etelesolv Telemanager Simple Audit Console Puts Companies in Control of Telecom Expenses

Etelesolv, a Canada-based telecom and IT management company, recently introduced an enhanced version of Telemanager Simple Audit Console that helps companies to get control of their telecom expenses and IT assets.

NetPlus Automates Monthly Cost Allocation for Federal Client

Telecom expense management software provider NetPlus has improved invoice processing and chargeback efficiency by more than 50 percent for one of its federal clients.

LinkSource Makes Saving Money Possible for Small Businesses

LinkSource Technologies is one company ready to a significant opportunity for cost savings and efficiencies through its new suite of services. The company's small businesses offerings help reduce costs, manage resources and improve technology efficiencies with regard to E-Mail, server set-up, file sharing, security, backup, IT support, mobility management and cloud services, all through a single-source managed service provider.

Expense Management is Integrating with Travel Booking, Survey Finds

With an integrated system, companies are better able to find discrepancies between what's booked and what's actually expensed. A good example is an employee who books an economy-class rental car according to company policy but then upgrades the rental car to a mid-sized vehicle at pickup. An expense manager will not notice the difference until the employee has submitted the bill for reimbursement, if the upgrade is noticed at all.

LinkSource Technologies Unveils New Set of Solutions for Small Businesses

As the use of technology, communications services and mobile devices by small businesses increases, there is a need to integrate, streamline and manage these tools and resources. Enterprise-class solutions improve small business productivity and reduce costs.

Why Telecom Expense Management Should Include MDM, MAM

The mobility trend has hit companies in a wave, forcing many to consider bring your own device (BYOD) strategies or new ways to manage company-owned devices accessing the corporate network. While incorporating mobility into the corporate communications strategy demands a clear direction, it must also be considered in telecom expense management.

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